LG Releases a new Clip about the G Watch, Continues the Hype

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LG has been busy this evening, well morning for those in Korea. They already announced three new G Pad tablets, which we’ll get more details on later this week at a European trade show which is taking place May 13-16th. Now LG has released a new clip on YouTube about the upcoming G Watch. The LG G Watch was announced a little while ago, right after Google pushed out the Android Wear SDK. Right now, there’s the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 that are coming with Android Wear, but we are expecting to see some more smartwatches from just about every other OEM later this year, with Android Wear on-board, except for Sony.

The video shows some glimpses at the UI, which is not all that different from what we had seen from Google. Additionally, LG shows off the white and black versions of the  G Watch at the end of the video, which the white one looks really nice, in my opinion. It also confirms that the watch is made out of metal, which is a big deal to some people. It actually looks like a really nice watch, and something I’d definitely pick up. There’s still no word on availability or price. But recent rumors were pointing to a release shortly after Google I/O, which is the end of next month. We’ve also heard that the G Watch is going to be a sub-$300 smartwatch. Which if it is, it’s going to be a pretty big seller, at least in my opinion it would be. Since the only other sub-$300 smartwatch is the Pebble and the Samsung Gear Fit. Which are both great smartwatches, but not the perfect one. Especially the Gear Fit since they only work with Samsung devices out-of-the-box.

How many of you are interested in the LG G Watch when it comes out in the next few months? Let us know in the comments down below.