LG G3 Roundup


The LG G3 was officially announced earlier this morning in London and there was lots to see and learn about the latest flagship from the Korean manufacturer. Some of the key points include confirmed details about the display, the materials used, the battery life, the camera quality, and of course the identity of that mysterious sensor looking piece that showed up alongside the camera on the back, the laser for the laser guided auto focus, which promises an accurate account of the depth between the phone and the subject of the photo. The LG G3 is by all means a very impressive looking device and we're sure that there will be a good number of reviews on the way in the coming weeks. For now we'll just try to recap all the best parts about today's phone unveiling from LG.

LG Officially Announces the G3 Complete With QHD Display, Snapdragon 801, 3GB of RAM and More!


LG G3 RAM And Storage Comes In Two Models, Topping Out At 3GB Of RAM With 32GB Of Space

LG G3 Specs

Everything you Need to know about the LG G3 Camera


LG G3 To Be Available on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon

The LG G3′s Display Is Bigger, Brighter, And More Vivid Than Its Predecessor

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LG's new Overlay Appears on the G3, Let's take a look

LG G3 Heading to Verizon this Summer, with XLTE Support!

Sprint Secures Exclusive Shine Gold G3 for Spark Customers


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ATT Announces That They'll Be Adding The LG G3 To Their Smartphone Lineup

LG Publishes their First ad for the LG G3


LG Flashes the Upcoming G Watch at the LG G3 Unveiling

T-Mobile to Add G3 to its Lineup This Summer

The LG G3 Will Be Releasing On At Least Two UK Carriers And One UK Retailer


Download: All the Fun New LG G3 High-Res Wallpapers

There's a whole lot of details about the LG G3 that we learned today, but there are still a few things we have left to find out. Namely the price and the exact release dates for everybody's respective carriers. We should find out about those details in the coming weeks.