LG G3 RAM And Storage Comes In Two Models, Topping Out At 3GB Of RAM With 32GB Of Space

Every time a new device comes out storage and RAM seem to be a couple of the features people are starting to focus on. The LG G3 shouldn't disappoint here. At least not too much for some and not at all for others. Thanks to the dutch LG website showing off the LG G3 yesterday we were able to find out what the confirmed RAM and storage options were. The G3 will be sporting a 16GB internal memory drive with support for up to a 128GB microSD for expandable storage. 16GB is a little below what some people were probably hoping, but since there is support for extra room with a microSD most who are worried about space should be able to get over that fact pretty quickly. LG is also offering a 32GB internal storage model so for those who need or want more internal space, you can have it.

When it comes to RAM, LG didn't skimp. The G3 brings 3GB of RAM to the table when many other flagships are only sporting 2GB, and that extra gig should come in handy when engaging in memory intensive things like multitasking or gaming. Gaming is one area where the extra memory really shines and shows off just how much it makes a difference. Not everyone of course will come close to utilizing all of the memory that the G3 has to offer but it will surely matter to those out there who are extreme power users of their devices and use them for just about everything. The only thing that might be a little disappointing here is the internal memory amount that we listed above. Once again though microSD should help squash that complaint for those that have it, and when you pair the ever advancing capabilities of cloud storage you really almost don't have a need for more. It can all just depend on storage management.

LG is also offering a 2GB RAM variant of the LG G3, which is the model that will com packing the 16GB of internal storage, where as the 3GB RAM model will actually carry 32GB of storage space, so not only do you get a little more power out of it but you get more space for the stuff you want to save on the device as well. With two options for RAM as well as the storage users are able to pick the device model that will fit their needs best, whether that be gaming, multitasking and for use with business or other various memory intensive tasks.

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