LG G3 Developer Edition Being Tested On T-Mobile With Rumored June Launch Date

Earlier today we reported about the leaked T-Mobile LG G3 Developer Edition. The image leaks were of course from none other than evleaks, but now we have some more images as well as actual details and information about the device thanks to Tmonews. According to the source, the Developer Edition of the LG G3 is indeed being tested on T-Mobile and will be seeing a release sometime in June. May 27th is when LG will be announcing the LG G3, so the release of a Developer Edition sometime next month either on the same day or soon after the original sounds about right.

Here in the leaked images from that Tmonews was able to get a hold of we can see the Developer Edition G3 test model sitting on top of internal T-Mobile numbers sheets. There are a few other new images we hadn't seen from earlier with more information that wasn't previously available. In one shot we can see the model number that points to the phone being a T-mobile version of the device, listed as D851. If the internal T-mobile numbers documents and the model number weren't enough to convince, there's also the shot of the status bar that shows "connect to WiFi to make calls" notification to take advantage of T-Mobile's WiFi calling feature which has been around for years. There's also the image of the network settings screen which shows the connection to the T-Mobile network and being connected to LTE.

Other images point out the 3,000mAh battery and the QHD display that has been rumored to be coming on the device. Like we said in our earlier post with the previous leaked images, this is obviously a test model device and the final product will obviously look a lot nicer than this. We've already seen plenty of images of the LG G3's actual design though so there isn't really anything new to know there. What is still unknown at this point is what the actual launch date for this phone and the non developer edition G3 will be, as well as what either phone is going to cost when they hit stores. We also don't know whether or not T-mobile will actually be carrying the device in stores or if it will only be available on there website.

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