LG Chromebase Appears on Amazon for $349.99


Earlier this year, LG announced the Chromebase, basically their all-in-one Chrome OS device. It's a bit more than the ASUS Chromebox, as it includes a monitor and everything. When they announced it a few months ago, we were all pretty stoked about it. As we figured a lot of places would be using it for their kiosks and such. Which could still happen. The LG Chromebase has shown up on Amazon, and a few other retailers, but it's still out of stock. So it looks like it's getting ready to launch soon, here in the US. It also appears that LG is going to be selling it for $349, which isn't bad for a 22-inch Chromebase.

Let's have a look at the specs, 22-inch display (No word on resolution), 2GB of RAM, Intel Celeron 2955U processor (which means it's a Haswell chip), 16GB of SSD storage, three USB ports on the back, an ethernet port, and a HDMI. What's interesting is that there appears to be no SD card slot, which we've seen on every single Chromebook so far. Even the ASUS Chromebox.


It's definitely interesting to see LG getting into the Chrome OS game. Not because they make smartphones and tablets, but because they don't make computers. All the other Chromebook OEMs also make Windows computers. Like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, ASUS, and Samsung. It'll be interesting to see how this Chromebase holds up, but I'm definitely interested in this piece.

Right now it's out of stock, but at $349. We should see it popping up in stock pretty soon, and probably for the same price. It's a great looking machine, and it's running Chrome OS, so it doesn't need a bunch of crazy specs. How many of you are thinking of picking up the LG Chromebase soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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