LG Allegedly Says LG ISAI And The LG G3 Are Totally Different Products

While those who are awaiting LG's next flagship to arrive have probably noticed some of the similarities between it and the LG ISAI which has been announced for the Japanese KDDI network, sources in the Korean media are saying that according to LG the LG ISAI and the LG G3 are completely different devices. That statement is a little hard to swallow with no official word from LG to the public and especially when you consider some of the design aspects that seem to be fairly close to each other. One can't help but wonder if one of these devices was taking certain design elements from the other. Even if either phone borrowed design elements or physical hardware traits from the other, LG is apparently saying that the ISAI is not meant to be the Japanese variant of the G3. That could be entirely the case, but that doesn't mean that one device didn't inspire the other.

There are some minor differences here and there if you look at leaks of both devices, like the sensors and flash placed on either side of the LG G3's camera. With The ISAI leaks you'll notice that the flash seems to sit just to the right of the rear facing camera, but what looks like it could be the sensor on the left sits a little bit lower and is not lined up with the camera and the flash. The volume rocker on the back has a slightly different design as well, displaying a little bit more of a slim look than that of what we've seen on G3 leaks.

The G3 is also likely to be equipped with the same 5.5-inch QHD display that is seen on the LG ISAI, but there has also been no confirmation on any of the LG G3 details. We'll know soon enough as the phone is scheduled to launch in the near future though. Whether LG admits it or not, the ISAI and G3 look and seem similar to consumers and could very well end up holding many of the same traits, even if the ISAI isn't meant as the Japanese variant. We'll just have to wait until more details come up before we know anything officially.

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