Knockr Brings Lockscreen Gestures to OLED Devices


Knockr is a new Android app that allows you to unlock your device using simple gestures, just like the HTC One (M8) does using Sense 6's Motion Gestures. Knockr allows for the same sort of things and while it's a little rough around the edges, there's a lot of worth in the funky little app. There's a catch however, as Knockr will only work on devices with an OLED display. This is more than likely related to battery drain, but it would be nice to see these features make it to LCD-based devices, especially considering LG's device feature similar gestures and use IPS panels. Still, for a free app, Knockr has a lot on offer.

Using Knockr, you can choose which apps to launch depending on which swipe you've made on your device. For instance, you could swipe to the right to launch into Google Chrome or swipe up to get straight to WhatsApp without having to touch the power button. The app is pretty basic, but offers simple and easy customization of gestures for whichever app you like. Key features to download Knockr for include the ability to hit the volume up button when in landscape to launch straight to the camera and the classic double-tap to wake feature that LG made popular with the G2.


Pretty much every smartphone manufacturer out there these days has some sort of gesture support hitting the market this year, but Knockr doesn't care what device you're using, so long as you have a device with an OLED display. This is a real shame as it limits the app to most Samsung devices and the Moto X, and Droid lineup from last year. Everybody else is left out in the cold, but support for other devices could come in future updates. Nevertheless, this is a cool app that tinkerers out there should find a lot of fun. You can download Knockr from the Play Store.


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