The Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid Is An Ambitious, Yet Sleek And Functional Wearable

May 22, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you just haven’t found the right smartwatch for you there are more than likely plenty of reasons why you’ve told yourself and others that you just don’t see the need for one. The face is too small. It doesn’t do what I need. It’s ugly. It’s fugly. I hate it. All valid responses and probably more common than we think, but one thing that probably separates the average or mainstream consumer from a potential new smartwatch ownership more than anything else is they just don’t look normal enough. We know this doesn’t matter to everyone, and I am personally one of those people that doesn’t care too much. There are large amounts of people out there that want something more fashionable though. A smartwatch that looks more normal, but can also feed notifications and do a few smartwatch tricks when they want it to.

That is what the Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid is aiming to deliver. A smartwatch that is just a normal and fashionable mechanical watch for most times when you just need or want a regular timepiece, but when you want the ability to have a smartwatch and get notifications, incoming calls, etc. you can have them. For starters let me just say this watch is absolutely beautiful. It looks like it takes time to craft. Lots of time. The watchface casing is machined stainless steel and the band is genuine black leather, and the mechanical movement in the watch is either equipped with a Miyota Japanese movement or a certified Swiss movement from SOPROD depending on the model. The glass is crystal sapphire. Under that crystal sapphire glass is the watches transparent display, which is probably the most captivating part about the entire timepiece.

When it comes to smartwatch functionality, it can deliver notifications of virtually any type. Kairos lists that the watch can deliver incoming call notifications, text messages, emails, etc. It has the ability for push alerts, so even if the notifications that are coming in are from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the like, the watch can be configured to receive those as well. The watch also supports a remote control feature for smartphones and tablets, has an activity tracker to help you measure steps and calories burned, has a built in chronograph with GPS, and even has multi language support for English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. When it comes to battery life and length of time for the mechanical movements, the battery for the smartwatch functions is said to last five to seven whole days before you would need another charge, and mechanical movement goes for a total 42 hours.

The Kairos is definitely not the most tech forward smartwatch out there, but then again it’s not trying to be. It has a focus more on the balance between the fashion and smartwatch aspects together rather than focusing heavily on one or the other. If you want a smartwatch that can install apps, this isn’t the watch for you. It is a very nice looking timepiece though and the price certainly evokes the Kairos goal of being something high quality. Kairos even states that if at some point you need or want the parts to be replaced or upgraded, users can send it in and all of the electronic components get upgraded and the mechanical movements even get serviced. Here are the specs. Bluetooth 4.0 LE for connection to your device, TOLED RGB Full Color, 40% transparency with the option of having an ICON type transparent display with static icons, numbers and text, which has 60% transparency with English only support, three sensors including the touch sensor gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer w/gesture detection, an Intel ARM Cortext M4 processor, 180mAh battery, USB charging cable with a magnetic connector and the watch runs on the Kairos OS which is compatible with either Android or iOS. The cherry on top with the software, is that you can have the option of using the Android Wear OS instead of Kairos. There are two models for which the smartwatch will be available. The MSW115 which is the model with Miyota Japanese movement and the SSW158 which is the model with the certified SOPROD Swiss movement. Each model also has multiple variants available. The MSW115 starts at $1,199 but they have it up for a pre-order(early bird)price of $499. The SSW158 model starts at $1,1989 but has the pre-order price of $989. The Kairos hybrid smartwatch will be going through the pre-order phase for the next 40 days, so if luxury items are your vice, get one while you can.