'JAMONG' Could Have Been Samsung's Answer to Google's Play Store


While there's no denying that Samsung makes excellent hardware, and even offers some extra value in TouchWiz, their software on top of Android, it's pretty clear that their devices wouldn't be much without the Google Play Store. Sure, there's the Samsung Apps Store, but anyone with a Samsung device will tell you how limited the selection is in comparison. Considering Samsung is a company that very much wants to stand on their own – going so far as to barely acknowledge Android software in their product launches, it's no surprise that the South Korean giant was apparently working on their own answer to Google's store.

As ETNews is reporting, the company was apparently working on a project dubbed 'JAMONG' that would serve as a direct alternative to the Play Store, offering apps, games and entertainment. Obviously, the idea being that Samsung could rid themselves of Google and use the AOSP version of Android, thus having no need at all to ship any of Google's apps such as Maps, GMail or Google Play Music. According to an industry source, Samsung "decided not to go ahead with it, as Samsung Electronics' internal strategies changed." Frankly, this sounds like a good move on Samsung's part.


Despite how much Samsung tries to hard Google's Android on their devices, a lot of the core functionality wouldn't be possible without Google. Having all of your contacts synced over a GMail account is super-easy and the Play Store has grown to offer a stunning array of apps, games and music. Without Google, Samsung's devices wouldn't exactly be blunt offerings, but we doubt they'd be as sharp, either. Samsung has been offering devices with excellent hooks to Google services – known all over the world –  so changing this direction could turn off customers. Besides, after apparent negotiations between Samsung and Google, it looks like the South Korean company is to carry on relying on Google for quite some time to come.

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