Internet Trends Chart Breaks Down Daily Minute Amount Spent Looking At Screens

In a world so technologically forward do you ever stop and ask yourself how much time you personally spend staring at screens throughout the day? This is something I tend not to think about most days but once in a while I find myself wondering how much of my day is spent interacting with my monitor, my TV, my phone or my tablet. I have yet to undertake this project of calculating every last minute out over a month's time, but if you want to think globally about this particular question we can find out how much time various countries spend looking at screens on a day to day basis.

This chart comes from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins as part of her annual internet trends data, which shows a breakdown of how many minutes a day people spend looking at the various screens they can interact with. The chart is broken down by country and separates out each countries daily screen viewing habits by screen type including TVs, Laptops and PCs, Smartphones and finally Tablets, and how many minutes each type is viewed by that nation as a whole. Since I reside in Northwest Oregon, I was inclined to find the U.S. on the list before I looked at any other nations. To my surprise the U.S. actually came in sixth on the chart. In total, citizens within the U.S. spend a daily amount of 444 minutes staring at screens. The bulk of that if you couldn't guess comes from smartphones, where we generally tend to spend 151 minutes each day looking at their screens. That might obviously be more for others as this is just an average, but you get the picture.

The top of the list was taken by Indonesia at number one, where citizens there spend a daily total of 540 minutes looking at screens, and of course smartphones was the top category there too. China takes the third spot on this chart while other major tech forward nations like Japan and South Korea actually sit near the bottom, and Italy comes in dead last as the nation that spends the least amount of minutes in a day looking at their screens. I can't say that I'm too surprised that a good portion of the American day is spent looking at a screen of some kind, but when you really put this all into perspective it kind of makes you realize that we all might need a little extra time to do other things.

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