More Information Surfaces on Google Stars or Glorified Bookmarks

May 5, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Bookmarks, they are probably the most used component of a web browser that has not changed in…well forever. Although Google seems to want to change that. A lot of people still use bookmarks, in fact all of us here at Android Headlines still use them. We had heard a few weeks ago about this “Google Stars” service, that would be unveiled at Google I/O next month in San Francisco. Currently, bookmarks in Chrome look like a simple folder, or an icon depending on if you use folders or not. But that’s about to change. Right now Google Stars is in testing, well dog fooding – which is where Google pushes out new versions of software and new software period, to their employees for testing before the rest of us get to play with it.

From what we can see so far, the biggest change is that folders are now collections or albums. And so far the user interface looks a lot like Google+ and many other apps, where it’s using the cards UI. According to Florian Kiersch, the front-end interface is still under heavy development so this may change quite a bit before we all see it. He also states that there is a Chrome extension, although he doesn’t have hands on that extension just yet. But it should enhance functionality a bit more.

So far there’s no word on an Android app for Google Stars, and Florian only mentions the web on mobile interface, aka using Google Stars from Chrome. And that is still a mockup and not fully functional just yet. But we know Google is going to do something with Google Stars for Android. They won’t just launch a new service and not push it out to Android, that’s just not what they want. They want you using all their services everywhere. Not just on the desktop. How many of you are beginning to get excited for Google I/O?