HTC Soon To Launch Pink, Red, And Blue Models Of The HTC One M8

May 1, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

So far there are a total of four available colors of the HTC One M8 that users can buy from various retailers and carriers. The original three available colors for the M8 that HTC announced back on March 25th were the Glacial Silver, Gunmetal Gray, and Champagne Gold finishes. Not all the colors are available from all the carriers that are selling the device, but they are all available colors. We’ve heard rumors of other colors for the M8 coming and we have already seen some renders and leaked images of at least one of the upcoming colors which is the Verizon Wireless exclusive stealth red finish. Sprint now has the exclusive Harman/Kardon edition HTC One M8, which is black, although that isn’t the stealth black color of the device that we have heard will potentially be coming in the future.

Today we’re learning that three more colors will be coming that will give users even more options when it comes to choosing which finish will be right for them. The information comes from none other than evleaks, who is famous for dropping knowledge bombs in the form of either information about upcoming devices or leaked images of those phones we already know exist. Today the data surrounds the three new colors that HTC is supposedly planning to launch for the M8, and according to evleaks, HTC will offer blue, pink, and red HTC One M8 devices in the future. There isn’t any mention of the red device being the same finish as the one we saw a render of for the Verizon model, but the red could very well be the same just not specifically for Verizon or it could be a totally different red. The blue was sort of suspected since HTC launched a blue model of the original HTC One last year, but the pink is completely brand new and we’re wondering how it will look and whether or not it’ll be available from any one carrier exclusively or not. Evleaks is usually pretty solid with his information, so we can probably assume that we’ll see these colors in the future. We have no idea when these colors will start to become available for consumers though or if they’ll h ave any sort of different price tag on them from the other colors.