HTC One Remix For Verizon Leaks Out Again With The Usual VZW Logo On Front

May 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


It appears that the HTC One Remix is headed for Verizon, as this leaked image has popped up on the web thanks to evleaks that displays the phone brandishing the usual Verizon Wireless logo that we’re all used to seeing on their phones, in place of where the HTC logo would be if this was a regular HTC One Mini 2. Yes, this is apparently just a re-branded version of the HTC One Mini 2, and we’re guessing the name change might have to deal with just Verizon setting their model apart from the others. The phone looks just like the One Mini 2 from the front so we would assume that the everything else about the device is the same.

However there is the possibility that it has some minor tweaks and changes from the original HTC One Mini 2 which might have been the reason for calling it the “Remix” instead. Actual details and information regarding what the innards of this phone apparently on the way to big red are limited to really what we can see in this image along with the name. It appears that the main home screen is showing off the Blink Feed widget but other than that the only definitive detailing is the Verizon logo branded on the front, and the Verizon Messages app icon that we can see sitting between the Phone app and the App Drawer button.

Everything else about this device looks just like the One Mini 2 from the front, with the dual stereo speakers and the front camera and the sensors. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this phone launch sometime soon but for now there are no release dates or price points that have been announced and Verizon hasn’t even officially said they’ll be carrying the HTC One Remix. Rest assured though once more details are know, or any details at all rather, we’ll be sure to update you all with everything we have. Are there any Verizon employees out there that are able to dish out any information? If so feel free to post in the comments thread on G+. Any Verizon customers looking forward to this device?