HTC One Mini 2 to Lack Some Key Features According to Latest Leak


When we reviewed the HTC One (M8) we had a lot of nice things to say about the device, and for good reason. While it's not perfect, the M8 has more than enough great features to appeal to even the most savvy smartphone buyer. The same could have been said for last year's M7, as well as the diminutive One Mini which featured a lot of the great features from its older brother. That might not be the case for the HTC One Mini 2 however, as a recent leak from @evleaks suggests that the One Mini 2 might be as much a 'One' as one might think.

In a fresh leak, the infamous Mr Blass has revealed that the One Mini 2's build of Sense 6 is to lack a number of features such as Zoe, Fitbit integration, Motion Launch and the Panoramic 360 photos. This is of course, all in addition to the fact that the One Mini 2 isn't going to feature the DuoCamera like the One (M8) does. We're not so sure that HTC would take out Fitbit integration as it's hardly a taxing part of the M8 in the first place, but it's possible the deal with Fitbit only covers the M8. The omission of motion launch is somewhat understandable, as it does require some extra hardware. Losing out on Zoe however, is a real blow to the One Mini 2, as it's part of what makes the One's camera experience so good.


Hopefully, the One Mini 2 won't end up to be the crippled version of the M8 that it's seemingly shaping up to be, but we can understand why HTC has to hold some features back. Especially when the rumored specs talk of a device powered by a Snapdragon 400, which isn't exactly the most powerful CPU out there. Still, the One Mini 2 has yet to be officially announced, so there's no telling what makes the cut and what doesn't, but the One Mini 2 is going to be targeting those with not-so-deep pockets, so sacrifices will be made.

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