HTC One (M8) Gets a Stability Update, Around 70MB in Size


Today, it appears that the unlocked and international variants of the HTC One (M8) are getting a small little update. This one is about 70MB in size and is the second update since the device launched a little over a month ago. The previous update was bringing HTC's extreme power saver mode to all the HTC One's that launched without it. Now this update brings a few bug fixes and performance tweaks. As you can tell by the size of the update, it is a pretty small update. In fact, while we're at it, let's check out the official changelog from HTC:

System improvements
– Radio stability improvement

Application improvements
– Camera stability
– Video Highlight stability
– FM Radio stability
– Weather app barometer update


Right now the update is only confirmed to be rolling out in the UK, Germany and UAE. But we should see it available in more countries pretty soon. It's great to see updates like these for new devices, as there are bound to be some bugs and such when you release a new device. So it's great to see them getting worked out before an update with the next version of Android rolls out, because that usually brings some more bugs. So for those of you outside of the US with the HTC One M8, enjoy this update. Those in the US, well you'll be waiting a bit longer. As you know the carriers like to take their sweet time in testing updates for their devices. But hopefully we'll see this update in the US pretty soon. You check for updates by going into Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > Check for Updates.

How many of you have already gotten the update on your device? Let us know how it's working out in the comments below.