HTC One (M8) Ace Leaks Out Once Again, This Time in Red and Blue

May 28, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

HTC’s One (M8) has been out on shelves for some time now, and now there’s a mini version of the device available for those looking for the same experience, but without spending the same sort of money. These sort of devices often do well with first smartphone buyers or those on a budget, but HTC isn’t done diversifying their lineup just yet. Ever since the latest One launched, we’ve been hearing about this other One, the One Ace, a device pegged to be everything the M8 has to offer, but in a more affordable package. Confused? Yeah, we are a little bit as well.

It would seem that the Ace is not another version of the Butterfly, itself a plastic-built device destined for the Asian market that has proven popular in the past. Instead, the Ace is to be a device for the West and won’t feature the DuoCamera on the rear of the device and could instead feature an 8-megapixel or 13-megapixel sensor. These latest leaks come from Twitter handle @upleaks and are apparently press renders of the device. Still, we have our doubts as these renders look suspiciously like the M7 that launched in Red and Blue last year, but they do feature a different camera and sensor layout at the top as found on the M8.

According to rumor, this Ace device will feature all the same internals of the M8, the Snapdragon 801 and 1080p display, but lose the aluminum body and DuoCamera module. It’s said to cost less than $500 when it launches later on this year. We’re a little confused as to why HTC would want to release such a device, but with the rumored M8 Prime also approaching, it seems like HTC is creating quite a large One family, with more Ones than you could shake a multiple at. Still, a device like this that costs under $500 outright could do very well for HTC, especially if they were to offer it in a wide range of colors at launch. Something not a lot of smartphone manufacturers seem comfortable doing these days, at least for their standard editions anyway. In the gallery below is some interesting press material from China that show off the Ace.