HTC One E8(Ace) Becomes Reality, Shows Up On HTC China Website

Yesterday's report about the potential HTC One Ace turns out to be the HTC One E8, as evidenced by the Chinese HTC website that shows off the phone in all its glory as of today. The HTC One Ace could have just been an internal codename for the device, but in any case the HTC One E8 is real and it's here. However, "here" doesn't necessarily mean that it's here for all. It is listed on the Chinese HTC site after all so we may see this device hit other regions and we may not. That is still unknown but all the speculation about the devices existence can now end.

As we stated yesterday the HTC One E8(Ace) carries the Boom Sound speakers just like on the HTC One M8, although when it comes to the camera, it instead comes packed with the same 13MP rear shooter with a single LED flash that's found on the HTC One Mini 2 as opposed to the Duo Camera with a dual-LED flash that we have come to know with this years HTC flagship device. The body is also made up of plastic as the rumors suggested, which would be HTC's way of taking some of the high end components of the HTC One M8 and being able to offer them to consumers for a lower cost, due to being  built inside of a less expensive body material for the phone.

Another piece of hardware taken from the HTC One M8 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that is clocked at 2.5GHz which can be found inside the HTC One E8 as well. As far as other specs go though we're still in the dark on those. There is no mention of what type of display can be found on the HTC One E8 or how big the battery is. With all these awesome hardware specs yet a plastic body, we can expect a price point that is a decent amount lower than the original HTC One M8, but for now we have to wonder what HTC is thinking on the cost front since they haven't released that information. Hopefully they will be planning on releasing the One E8 or a version of it for other markets including the U.S., as plenty of people would be happy with the option to have this device.

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