HTC And ATT Fix The 50GB Google Drive Bug On The HTC One M8

May 14, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


If you were one of the many fine folks who purchased a shiny new HTC One M8 and were met with a tiny bit of dismay due to the lack of 50GB of promised Google Drive space, you can now rejoice at the fact that AT&T and HTC have started handing out the fix to this bug, which was plaguing some users from accessing the free extra space that came with the phone purchase as part of the promotion. As stated when they responded to the initial complaints about the bug, a fix would be heading out to consumers mid May. Thankfully unlike some Android version software updates, the bug fix is right on schedule, although it may take some time for everyone who is having the bug to get the fix. Probably no more than a day or two we’d imagine, but not everyone will be getting it right this moment.

We get that some people might have bee a little bit perturbed by the whole idea of not having something that was advertised as part of the deal. Likely though many of the people who were affected by the bug already had Google Drive space to begin with and wouldn’t have had that big of a need for access to all that extra free space, which is why a fix that took around a month a half to produce shouldn’t be a huge deal. In any case, AT&T has gotten the software update built and ready with approval and all, so feel free to check the usual place for software updates if the notification hasn’t popped up in your status tray.

It’s also possible that the update may not end up fixing things with the free Drive space right away, and if that happens your best bet would be to use the age old method for many things of clearing your cache. Hopefully you won’t need to take any extra steps once the update is finished and installed but if you’ve come this far one or two  more steps shouldn’t be too much trouble right? For those of you who may have already gotten the extra free 50GB of Drive storage, what do you plan to do with it all???