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The recent changes to Google Play has made it hard for users to find good apps or games due to a number of reasons. This could range from the sheer number of apps, the filters on Play store simply being inadequate and the small selection of apps on display not being adequate enough in finding the rare gems. As a result, most would probably head down to a review site to check out any interesting and or useful apps/games. Therefore, any budding developer simply cannot just publish an app on Google Play and hope for the best. The need for marketing becomes crucial for the success of any app. The purpose of this article would to be elaborate the means in which to extend the exposure of your app to the general public.

The first aspect lies heavily with the development of the app itself. This starts from whether the app is unique enough in what it offers to the user; solving a problem which has not been solved or possessing a feature that is unique to the app itself. A well thought out name and well designed icon would also help greatly in attracting users to your app as well. A user-friendly interface would also contribute greatly in providing good user experience as the user is constantly using it and helps draw attention to the usability/attractiveness of the app.


The second aspect is that of the social element. This comes in the form of engagement to users to encourage users to spread the word. Ways in which this can be done would be to provide incentives for users to do so such as sharing giveaways and making it convenient to share via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This would probably be one of the best ways to get the word out due to the massive amount of users on the various networks.

The commitment to users is another key factor as it shows users that the developer is listening and willing to respond to issues or suggestions. This can be do through the use of forums such as XDA, Google+ community or even email. The first two option enables users to interact thereby establishing a support network for any issues with lesser interaction needed from you. The third option however is much more personal and hence the speed of your reply and the manner in which you do so determines how users view your commitment to the app.

The third aspect is that of pricing. An app without a price would be more likely to attract more users in comparison to a paid app. This is due to users being generally more apprehensive and being more critical of the usefulness of a paid app. An excellent way to counter this, is to offer a lite version which allows users to test out basic features to see if your app is a fit for them. If you do consider offering the app for free, you might want to consider in app advertisements to generate revenue and or an option to allow users to donate.


The fourth and final point is that of coverage. This would range from your app's Google Play listing, to events and review sites coverage. A good Google Play listing is one which has a clear description and a video demonstrating the use of the app. Pictures would also help a great deal in reinforcing what the app can do. This informs users what they can expect from the app. Events can range from participating in conferences as a live demonstration to users the functionality of your app, to participating in a contest or having a promotional giveaway. This allows you to showcase your app to a larger audience and gives users something to remember. Review sites coverage would probably be what makes or break an app, as users generally frequent these places to check any new or interesting apps. As such, more reviews of your app by these sites would help greatly in getting the word out. This can be done via tip-off  in which the probability of actually being featured is slim, due to the large volume of app requests that these sites get. A paid app review in this case might help in rectifying this issue. This works by providing sites with revenue and drawing the spotlight to specific apps therefore providing a win win situation to both parties. Check out our Android App Review service and all it has to offer.

I hope this guide has been helpful in demonstrating the need for app-vertising and the different ways to implement it. Simply developing a good app merely the beginning, as more effort has to be placed in interacting with users and promoting your app so as to increase visibility. Thank you and good luck!

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