HD Widgets 4.0 Gets Full Redesign Including New KitKat Styled UI and Widgets


Android is all about customization, after all that's one of the big things that separates Android from competing mobile operating systems like Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone.  With Android you can truly change the way your phone looks, from the lockscreen to the home screen, not just by using a different wallpaper but by completely changing the elements found on screen.  HD Widgets is an app that's been around for what seems like the entirety of Android's life, and has provided users with customizable widgets that do everything from tell time and the weather to providing attractive looking shortcut buttons on their home screens.  Now HD Widgets is getting a complete overhaul to match newer design trends in the mobile industry, including some visual changes that were made with and since Android 4.4 KitKat has launched.  What's also great is that there's no requirement to be on a particularly new version of Android, so those wanting some new style but are stuck on an older version of Android than KitKat can still enjoy these changes.  Those running Samsung's latest creation or LG's soon to be announced G3 will feel right at home with some of the themes too, which seem to be styled after those manufacturers Android skins.

HD Widgets didn't just update a few widgets and call it a day, rather they completely changed the way even the main widget designer screen looks, including the slide-out menu that's become so prominent over the last year or so.  There are different sections for things like widgets that are currently on your home screen, theme packs, settings, weather and other tools.  Moving over to the weather screen shows a new redesign that's not only better looking but more functional.  More weather information is presented at a glance than ever, including a linear graph that shows precipitation and temperature information.


As far as size goes the new widgets are now constrained sizes, redesigned to take up a portion of the space on your screen rather than all of it.  For a long time many widgets used the oversized 4×3 or 4×2 style of giant clock face with varying information around it.  Now many panels are modular and feature a more card-like structure, much like you would see on Google Now.  Tablet users will also be pleasantly surprised to see the app redesigned for them as well, bringing the fancy new interface in a tablet size.  The update is rolling out in stages like most do now, so if you've purchased HD Widgets in the past look for an update to roll your way on the Play Store soon.  If you want to check out HD Widgets just hit the Play Store link below.

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