Google Takes A Step Towards Enterprise In Android And Buys Divide

There's still no official word that Google and its YouTube division will be buying up popular game streaming service Twitch, however Google has reportedly purchased another company that is focused on providing corporations with enterprise level security to employee handsets. Formerly Enterproid, now known as Divide, is apparently joining on at Google which works well for the search company as they have big plans to develop enterprise more into Android going forward. What Divide does is essentially give companies a way to keep security tight on employee handsets without restricting the way employees use their personal phones.

Everything is done through software, that allows for the separation of both the work and the personal sides of the device, almost like partitioning it so that employees can use the phone like normal, installing which ever apps they like while the other side of the devices gives the company access to everything corporate related and can manage things remotely with no disturbance to the user. As opposed to having a completely locked down piece of hardware where nearly everything is restricted, Divide gives companies a fantastic solution to protecting company information and data. The team at Divide won't be joining just any team at Google, and as you might have already guessed they'll be cozying up to the Android team and work closely to take enterprise in Android more seriously

At this point in time there hasn't been any information or details regarding the deal that have been disclosed to the public. Divide did mention though that their current customers will not be affected by the changes taking place and that things will continue to work as they always have. That should be some peace of mind for all of Divide's corporate clients. Security is a big deal to Google and with Divide joining on they can really begin to work towards a more secure mobile OS, not just for consumers but now for corporations as well. With the acquisition just getting an announcement this morning, we likely won't see any immediate changes but corporate security within Android is bound to get a big bump in the future.

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