Google Sends Out Glass Update XE17 In Hopes To Squash The Boot Loop Bug

In recent weeks Google had released an update to Google Glass that was promising to bring the wearable device forward in the software space by putting it on Kit Kat, among other things. All seemed great until some users were noticing some bugs that weren't there before that started popping up on their devices after XE16. One of those bugs happened to be a boot loop inducing headache, and Google promptly responded by sending out another update to Glass Explorers that was supposed to fix that bug along with the others that had shown up. That last update was Glass update XE16.2 which didn't exactly get rid of the boot loop for some, so Google went to work and have come out with another new update today, XE17 that should fix the boot loop bug this time around.

It's always frustrating when bugs can plague your device but Google was quick to act and hopefully this newest update squashes the bugs for all Explorers.  The forced restarts was definitely a thing that Google wanted to correct quickly. Since this little tiny update was merely one to fix the few issues that users were experiencing, this isn't the typical update for Glass that users have come to know that brings a long with it new improvements and enhancements or new features. The update changelog is just as brief as the update itself, stating only that "XE17 fixes some bugs that caused Glass to unexpectedly restart. Even more improvements are coming soon. Stay tuned."

This should be good news for Glass Explorers and if you were having this bug yourself, hopefully this actually does provide you with the fix that you needed to get back up and running. Google's updates to Glass are starting to come in more frequently so it shouldn't be too long before we see another one hit that actually brings with it some new changes. We just recently learned of the possibility that Google could be testing the use of Google Wallet for Glass, so that is one thing to look out for in the future. Is there something that you're hoping becomes Google Glass compatible soon?

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