Google Search Gets Torn Down, Shows Timer Integration, and More


As always, the folks over at Android Police have torn down the latest update to Google Search, that would be version 3.4, which began rolling out earlier this week. They found a few cool new features in there that are coming soon. Like Timer Integration, more information about travel reservations, more information for sporting events, nearby products card, Music controls directly in Google Now and a few other goodies.

Setting a timer isn't really new for Google Now. But it was pretty clunky before. When setting a timer, it was basically setting an alarm, which meant it may be off by a few seconds. It could also decide to go off the following day, which I'm sure a lot of people didn't like too much. It appears that Google is finally working on fixing that bug, with the following string of code:


<string name="action_set_timer_duration">Duration:</string>
<string name="action_set_timer">Set timer</string>
<string name="action_set_timer_set_a_duration">add a time</string>
<string name="action_view_timers">View timers</string>
<string name="action_timer_canceled_title">Timer canceled</string>
<string name="action_timer_canceled_tts">Timer canceled</string>
<string name="set_timer_submit">Start timer</string>
<string name="timer_app_not_available">No apps able to set timer</string>

With travel reservations, and Sporting events, Google has decided to add even more information into Google Now for these items. They've added a few new layouts transportation_card_row, transportation_info_multiple, transportation_info_row, transportation_info_single, and transportation_single_card. So that Google Now is going to become even more helpful with reservations and such.

Then there's the nearby products card. Which makes us believe that Google Shopping is about to get it's own card in Google Now. The latest update added a card in the code for nearby_product_card_row. Android Police also notes that hints for this feature turned up in the XE16 Glass update a few weeks ago as well. Additionally, we're getting Music controls in Google Now, now. Which is always great to have in Google Now. Judging by this string of code "nearby_product_card_row". 


There's a lot more to this update, and I invite you to head over to Android Police's post and check it out, the link is in the source box down below. How many of you have already sideloaded the update?