Google Play Brings Paypal Integration, and expanded Carrier Billing

Google Play Store AH 1

Today, Google announced on their Developers blog that you can now buy apps through Google Play with PayPal. As well as expanded carrier billing in many more countries and carriers. You can now login to Paypal using your login, obviously, and pay for apps, movies, music, magazines and everything else in the Play Store using your PayPal account.

“Starting today, we’re making it possible for people to choose PayPal for their Google Play purchases in 12 countries, including the U.S., Germany, and Canada. When you make a purchase on Google Play in these countries, you’ll find PayPal as an option in your Google Wallet; just enter your PayPal account login and you’ll easily be able to make purchases. Our goal is to provide users with a frictionless payment experience, and this new integration is another example of how we work with partners from across the payments industry to deliver this to the user.”

Google has also expanded carrier billing and Google Play Gift Cards to more countries, “We’ve just expanded coverage to seven more countries for a total of 24, including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.” They also state that half of all Google Play store users now have these two options for ordering stuff through Google Play. Obviously these don’t work for devices in Google Play though. Google has also brought developer sales to 13 more countries, “Developers based in 13 new countries can now sell apps on Google Play (with new additions such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey), bringing the total to 45 countries with support for local developers.”

As expected, there’s nothing really that the developers need to do here. As all this is done on Google’s servers. But it is nice to see PayPal support being added in 12 countries as well as gaining Google Play Gift cards and carrier billing in a bunch of others.