Google Now Alerts Can Notify When A Store Carries A Product You've For Searched Online

We've all been there, shopping online for something that we really want but we always end up at the same conclusion and end up buying nothing. It's like one of my personal favorite past times of walking around Best Buy oogling over all the cool stuff and eventually leaving the store empty handed. Some refer to this as window shopping. We can window shop from our devices a lot easier because we can do this from virtually anywhere. Out at lunch but want to be scouring the shelves of your local book shop for the latest in the Song of Ice and Fire series? No problem. That's what the browser and some of the many apps on your phone are for. Sometimes shopping online though can hold you back from really getting anything because you need that little extra push of actually seeing whatever it is you're looking at in person.

Thanks to the new Google Search update, Google Now will be able to alert you when you're nearby a store that carries the stuff you've been looking for online. This could be just the thing you need to make that final decision. With this new feature you can also freely search for stuff online even if your intention is to pick them up physically in store, and the next time you're out and about in the mall or somewhere near a large assortment of stores(or maybe just one store)Google Now might end up alerting you to the location of where you can buy the items you've been wanting.

Google Now has been getting plenty of little updates here and there with lots of useful features and Google seems to be adding even more in on almost what seems like a weekly basis. If this is going to be a regular thing we're all for it. Some of the other new additions have been a parking locator, and finding out what stores are inside of malls when you enter them, and our personal favorite is caching the loaded cards within Google Now if you happen to lose a data connection. The feature should be live as soon as you're able to update your Google Search app, so go ahead and check the Play Store at your convenience.

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