Google, Netflix and Others to Drive PR Campaign Against Controvsial Net Neutrality Proposals


If you've been following tech news outside of the Android community, you'll know that the Internet as we know it is under threat from controversial net neutrality proposals being put forward by the FCC. The former Cable lobbyist, Tim Wheeler, who now heads the FCC is proposing that ISPs be able to charge companies that provide online services to ensure their data gets through to end users in a timely fashion. You might be wondering why this is causing such a stir at the moment, but imagine an Internet where a new video service can't keep streaming properly because they can't afford to (or flat out refuse) to pay an ISP's fees for "premium" access. These proposals are dangerous, and could very well lead to an Internet of haves and have nots. If these proposals go through, it would mean that ISPs will essentially be able to control who gets the best out of their network by selling access to the highest-bidder.

While the big companies we associate with Internet services like Google, Netflix, Yahoo and others have remained silent, it looks like they're getting ready to turn up their megaphones and rally public opinion. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that those inside these big tech companies paying attention to the proposals are recommending they do something. The Journal writes that "officials inside the companies who follow government policy say they are considering mobilizing a grass-roots campaign to rally public opinion around the idea that the Internet's pipes should be equally open for all."


Those who rallied against SOPA (which I hope was every one of you reading this) will remember how public opinion genuinely made a difference. A PR campaign from the likes of Google, Yahoo and Netflix would easily create enough noise to make the FCC rethink these foolish proposals, or at least it should do. We're not sure just what any of these companies intend to do to get us tweeting, sharing and voicing our opinions about these proposals, but each of them have sufficient means to create a whole lot of noise.

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