Google Expands Office Space By Purchasing Former Palm Headquarters

May 20, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Not too long ago we reported Google would be delaying the build project for a new HQ that is set to be placed inside of King’s Cross in the UK till sometime in 2015. That isn’t stopping Google from accumulating a new HQ here in the states and right in their home state of California at that. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal Google is taking over the former headquarters of Palm, painting the very real picture that Palm is truly dead as a brand, although they once stood atop the masses as a leading option in the realm of smart devices and tailored greatly to businesses and corporations for their needs to have mobile computing.

Palm has been gone for a while of course, but for any die hard fans out there that may have been hopelessly clinging on to any shred of belief that Palm might one day make a comeback in some way, shape, or form, and we’re not saying there are any, but if there were this would quite possibly serve as the most effective way possible to prove Palm is and has been gone for good. The old Palm headquarters resides in Sunnyvale, Ca, where Google also currently holds two other office spaces that they are apparently leasing as of last week, bringing them to a total of three locations within the city. Google has plenty of campuses in locations around the globe but Sunnyvale sits near their home turf of Mountain View, and having  office buildings inside of the neighboring town as opposed to being next to it can help them establish a better presence.

There is no way of knowing what they have planned for these new leased office spaces but we wouldn’t be surprised if they already had something in mind for them. There’s also the possibility that they are simply planning ahead to be ready with space waiting should they need it in the near future. Google is growing with a wider array of products and services, and at some point as their development of projects continues to grow so will there need for more space to operate. Google and HP have both reportedly declined to elaborate on anything regarding the purchase.