Google brings Terrain View back to Maps with v8.1 Rolling Out Now

May 29, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

While Update Wednesday was yesterday, Google still had one more update to roll out this week and that was for Google Maps. We’re looking at version 8.1.0 which is rolling out via a staged rollout right now. Which we do have the APK down below for those interested. This is the first update since version 8.0 rolled out a little while ago, and the only real change that users will see is that we have Terrain view back again in Google Maps. It was taken away – with a bunch of other features – with the huge overhaul that we saw at Google I/O last year. Terrain view shows us elevations of cliffs, mountains, etc., which is important for those that are going on a hike or riding a bike. So it’s great to see this back in Google Maps.

While that’s everything we’ve got in this new version of Google Maps, it doesn’t mean we won’t see anything big at I/O in just a few weeks. As usual we’ll probably see some updates to all of Google’s apps over the next few weeks leading up to Google I/O and then a bunch of updates just after the keynote on June 25th. Hopefully we see some pretty cool stuff from the Maps team this year. Last year we saw the new version of Google Maps on the desktop and mobile, and it was pretty amazing. Hard to believe that Google I/O is just around the corner. It’ll be interesting to see what we get from Google this year. It’s like a Geek’s Christmas.

Like we said, we’ve got the APK down below for those interested in sideloading the update instead of waiting for Google to push it out. It’s quite simple to sideload it as well. Simply make sure “Unknown Sources” are checked in Settings, then open the APK and hit install.

Download: Google Maps v8.1.0