Having Girl Troubles? Let The ASUS PadFone X Do The Talking


You got 99 problems but a girl aint one. That's the message that AT&T apparently wants to send about the PadFone X. First it was talking up its ability to own the business world and provide those who are business professionals, with an easy solution to switching between business and personal all with essentially one device(but really it's two). Now AT&T is settings it's sights on those who might have some issues with getting the ladies, and they want you to know that the PadFone X can help you "get the girl".

In this short but sweet ad spot, AT&T cuts straight to the chase and focuses in on a pretty girl sitting on a bench at the dog park(or perhaps your everyday regular park)who is met by an overly obvious nerdy guy who seeks to strike a common ground by talking up their love of dogs. As dog owners often do of course. He proceeds to sit down and whip out his trusty ASUS PadFone X(just the phone portion at first) and shows off an image of his own dog in an attempt to grab her attention, but wait, she's not amused. The moral of the advertisement here is that small screens are much too small for members of the opposite sex to be interested in anything you have to say. Perhaps more simply put, size does matter.

Don't go trying to impress any women/girls with pictures of your dog or anything for that matter if all you have to display them on is  something around the size of the Nexus 5. What she really wants to see is a beautiful gorgeous image strewn about the large display of the PadFone X tablet dock. So, do yourself a favor. Switch to AT&T, dump that crusty old Galaxy S5 and pick up an ASUS PadFone X because when you're in the trenches and trying to win her over, you'll want to have that bigger screen on hand to wow her and make her swoon. This is a rather unlikely approach to grab consumers, but hey maybe it'll work. Fellow tech geeks take note. We can all leave our mother's basements and enter out into the sunlight without fear for now we have a secret weapon to gain the attentions of pretty ladies. Who knew that all this time the PadFone X was the answer.

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