Get Ready! Flappy Bird Makes It's Triumphant Yet Less Addictive Return Come August

It seems that Flappy Bird never really truly went away, but merely took a very long nap instead. Think of it like taking a vacation. Flappy Bird was here in our lives for a short time on Android and then it was gone, like a fart in the wind as they say. While many could speak to its addictive nature, it was an addiction that many were probably OK with. The good news for those of you who were saddened by its disappearance is that the game is gearing up(pun intended as many of you may remember that the one man development team comprised of Dong Nguyen, was called .gears studios)to re-release Flappy Bird into the wild for all, and this time it'll be better than ever.

Dong was interviewed by CNBC recently where he told them about the good news, stating also that the second game which is really just a revamp of the original and not a sequel, would have a less addictive play style to it and that it would actually have a focus on some multiplayer this time around. Now that is something to be excited about isn't it? You no longer have to be alone while you feed your addiction of trying to get the highest Flappy score you can. Call up all your friends, gather in a comfortable yet well ventilated locale and go to town for as long as you can. Best your friends, nay! your opponents, and smash their scores while playing together.

So when does this new revitalized version of Flappy Bird hit the markets? Dong Nguyen says that it's coming later this summer. When exactly? Sometime in August, calm down, it'll be here soon enough. Until then you'll just have to find something else to fill your time. Can you hardly wait for the frantic chaos filled Flappy sessions to come? One thing is for certain, no matter how much you hate Flappy Bird, we'd rather deal with Flappy Bird than the hundreds of clones that are in the Play Store as of now. Although it would be a very unlikely scenario, we'd love for the return of Flappy Bird to somehow cause the death of all the clones, seeing as how Flappy Bird is really the lesser of two evils.

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