We Get A Quick Glance At The Widgets For LG's Quick Window Mode

Why should Samsung and HTC be the only manufacturers to put out a special flip cover case with a viewing window? LG isn't keen on sitting back and leaving themselves out of the accessory market for this particular type of item, which is why they have come up with a flip cover case for the upcoming LG G3 that has a round viewing window where you'll be able to see relevant information as it pops up. Today evleaks has given us an image that shows off some of the widgets for use with LG's Quick Window mode for the case, and they're shaped perfectly round to fit ever so nicely right in the spot where the window on the case is when the flap is covering your screen.

Normally round widgets remind us of a clock whether it be digital or analog, and no surprise here but there are widgets for those. LG isn't limiting the Quick Window viewing to just the clock though. They know there's lots of information that we as users would potentially want the opportunity to view at a moments notice with a quick glance, because sometimes that's all the time you have. The clock widgets are there, but they're accompanied by a widget for a step counter, incoming calls, a calorie counter, the call log, messages, what looks like the gallery, and of course they give you an easy way to move from one widget to the next as you can see from the widget that looks like quick access buttons in a round dial-like design.

LG has clearly put their own spin on the flip view covers, and hopefully we might start to see them work with developers to create flip view quick glance access to other apps and not just LG's widgets. What we really need is a way to view YouTube videos and other media through the Quick Window mode because lets face it, it would just be awesome. Although if you have time to view videos through Quick Window mode you'll arguably have time to just open the flap and view them full screen, so it certainly wouldn't be a feature that would have any real need. Still, it would be cool just to say it's possible.

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