Gameloft Highlights Multiplayer Modes And Details For Modern Combat 5: Blackout

May 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve got some new and exciting stuff for you today about Gameloft’s upcoming FPS title, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The game carries the torch of the popular franchise into 2014 with tons of new and exciting changes and improvements to the game series, as well as brings back the classic action we have all loved about Modern Combat from the beginning. You already know about the new Unified progression between the Campaign and Multiplayer modes, and you already know that there will even be multiple playable classes based on that character’s equipped weapons. We even were able to confirm that at some point, Modern Combat 5 would be supporting gamepads for traditional controls even if it wasn’t patched into the game at launch, although many of us are hoping that it is. We’ll just have to wait a little longer before we know any further details on that.

Today’s focus is more on the multiplayer aspect of MC5. We have a few new details on what it’s bringing to the table and we even have a couple nice screenshots to show you of the multiplayer in action thanks to Gameloft. Right off the bat multiplayer mode seems like it will be bringing the action and that it’ll be hard hitting. Multiplayer will be comprised of four different game mode types, and of course there’s always hope that Gameloft might add more in the future if multiplayer is popular enough, but for now there will be four playable game types including Capture the Flag, V.I.P., Free for All, and of course a classic Team Deathmatch style of play called Team Battle, which should have been expected. It’s a tried and true multiplayer game type, and any FPS really isn’t whole without it. Multiplayer modes will also support up to 12 players, which means teams of six facing off to show who’s the better squad.

Speaking of “squads”, Modern Combat 5: Blackout’s multiplayer will have a Squad VS Squad setup, allowing you and other players to join up and form persistent squads and become the ultimate elite force and dominate the rankings in the included Leaderboards. Squads can be made up of friends or random players, but one thing is for certain. Squads will have to work together to succeed, and if they don’t you can bet they’ll eventually fall as there will most certainly be some groups out there that will plan out matches. Planning out squad tactics will be easier than you think now with squad based chat between all players of the same Squad, or you can engage in global chat and talk with anyone. Lastly, there will also be Limited Time Events in which single players or squads can win special multi-tiered prizes by completing objectives during those events. The game is slated for a release this summer although we still don’t have an exact date. We do know that Gameloft will be showing off the game at E3 though next month so if you’ll be there make sure to check out their booth to get some first hand views of the game in action.