Galaxy S5 Active Case Listing Points To slightly Different Design Aspects From The S4 Active

While there hasn't been any confirmations as of yet from Samsung on whether or not they would be producing a Galaxy S5 Active model for this years flagship line, a new case discovered on suggests that a Galaxy S5 Active is coming. The case listing is for the Galaxy S5 Active and also details a couple differences from the design of last years "Active" variant of the Galaxy S4. The appearance of this case is by no means valid proof that the Galaxy S5 Active exists and that it's on the way, especially when you take into account that the Galaxy S5 already has water and dust resistant features that beg the question of whether or not an Active model would even be needed. Nevertheless, we'll take this into account and consider the possibility that we could see a Galaxy S5 Active down the road. We also have to consider this mornings post from evleaks that states the S5 Active will be heading to Sprint and AT&T, which is one more thing to suggest the phone is on the way.

Now for some points on the case. The Galaxy S4 Active as webtrek points out, has a specific feature that would seem to have a different placement then from the supposed Galaxy S5 Active that we have yet to see. On the S4 Active, the speaker on the back has a landscape position that runs parallel to the bottom edge of the phone. In the Galaxy S5 Active case displayed on however, the opening for the mic is in a portrait position and running parallel to the side of the phone rather than the bottom. This would suggest that the case is not for the Galaxy S4 Active as the speaker would be covered up, and that it actually is meant for the upcoming model yet to be announced.

The other detail to point out is that on the Galaxy S4 Active, the bolts that reside in all four corners of the back of the device, appear to be placed more inward and further away from the edges of the device on the new model, as depicted by the case listed for the S5 Active. This is another minor detail of course, but it does suggest a different design from the S4 Active, so one could assume that the Galaxy S5 Active is on the way and that it will have a slightly different design from last years model. What do you make of all this?

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