FreedomPop Expands and Unlimits with New LTE Phones and Unlimited Everything Plan

Ever heard of a wireless service provider by the name of FreedomPop?  I had heard it floating around the Internet every now and then, but not really past the fact I knew it was a carrier.  Just today, though, they made a new notch in their belt, and brought themselves into everyone's line of sight, with changes and upgrades they have made to their service and network, as well as devices.

Quick rundown of who FreedomPop is, first.  The company was founded in July of 2011, got to use 4G WiMax starting February 2012, got to use 4G LTE starting July 2012, and their first devices sold to use on their beta network were in October of 2012.  So, this is a pretty young company doing radical things.  Radical in both the cool way and in the drastic and different way, that is.  According to their 'About Us' section on their website, they are on a mission to "deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans".  Free? You read that right, yes.  FreedomPop is one of a few (if not the only) carriers to offer free service to those that qualify, based on ZIP code.  That network that they signed to use in July of 2012? That's Sprint's 4G LTE network, so they are a carrier that uses 'true' 4G (as opposed to HSPA+ like AT&T or T-Mobile).

So, about their latest announcement: the company now has begun selling some higher-end 4G LTE phones and have introduced a new plan that covers all their service, correctly called the Unlimited Everything plan, costing customers only $20 per month.  That's a bargain if ever one has been seen.  The new phones that FreedomPop will be getting? Samsung. Specifically, the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, and Victory smartphones.  These new additions to FreedomPop's lineup promise fast 4G LTE speeds on Sprint's network and the low pricing of FreedomPop.

To get all the information on FreedomPop, their services, and their devices, check out their website.  But be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more news of this uppity little start-up and their plan to revolutionize cell phone service.

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