FIFA World Cup 2014 Theme for Xperia Devices Leak Out; to Match World Cup Themed SmartWatch 2?

May 12, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

When Sony launched the Xperia Z1, they introduced a new feature to their software, the ability to theme Xperia devices. It all works quite well and offers Xperia users a way to personalize their devices in a better way than in the past. With newer Xperia devices from Sony, users can download and install further themes as well as those already installed on the device. With the World Cup quickly approaching, it’s no surprise that Sony is going to be using the soccer tournament to draw users into their devices. A theme for Xperia devices that features soccer-themed soft buttons and World Cup wallpapers. It’s not been officially released by Sony just yet, but it is already available for download.

A few months ago, a SmartWatch 2 with a colorful fabric band leaked out and looked very much like a World Cup themed SmartWatch 2 so, there’s a good chance that the arrival of this theme means that the World Cup themed SmartWatch 2 could be on its way. Sony’s smartwatch recently got a pretty big update and now allows for widgets to be applied to your watch face, like the simple play/pause or skip widget on my watch that tells me what’s playing. A new version of the SmartWatch 2 could help sales of the device, but with Android Wear looming over the horizon, Sony has their work cut out for them.

Either way, Xperia owners with a compatible device can download the theme from here and all they need to do is simply install it as they would any other APK file. Once done, all you’ll need to do is apply the theme from the same menu as all other looks. We doubt that this is the last piece of World Cup 2014 branded stuff we see from Sony. Would a World Cup Xperia Z2 interest any of you guys? Let us know in the comments below!