Echo Connect Is A Tiny Key Ring To Charge Your Android Device

Smartphones today are more advanced and capable then ever before, and they're only going to become more of all in one device that will slowly be able to replace the need for having multiple devices on us at once. Smartphones have become our music player, our cameras, our newspapers, our books, our gaming consoles, our computers with access to the internet, even our wallets with multiple ways to pay for goods and services at some of our favorite retailers and local shops. With all this functionality and the power to do more with less, there is always a need for us to have a link to the power that drives our devices. The most common way to charge up our devices is through the cables and a/c adapters that come packaged with them, but we don't always remember them or don't always want to tote them around.

Perhaps it's not a matter of carrying your cables from place to place, but the fear of losing them and not being able to charge them later on should you happen to leave it behind somewhere. You could always purchase multiple USB cables to plug in your stuff allowing you to leave one at home while carrying around the extra(s), which isn't a terrible idea but then you're still left with more cables and a need for somewhere to store them. There's a better solution to provide users with a way to charge their stuff without having the need to carry around  a couple extra USB cables. A new device currently running through a funding campaign on indiegogo called the Echo Connect, is a small and bendable key ring that allows you to sync and charge your Android device without the need to carry around a cable. It's infinitely more portable than a USB since it's small and fits on your key ring. You can pretty much attach it anywhere so long as you have a key ring loop. It's also made from bendable silicone so you can dismiss those worries of damaging it while storing it in your pocket or bag.

The funding campaign started April 30th and continues through the end of June, ending on June 29th. Their current goal is $50,000 and they have reached nearly $2,000($1,963 to be exact) with 40 days left to go. The Echo Connect key is more convenient than a USB cable while taking up less space. Once the Echo Connect key is in full retail production the cost will be $25 USD, but getting in early and helping to fund the product will cost you $15. You can check out the indiegogo page here where you can help fund the project if you like the device. It's also worth noting that while the images show a "mini USB" for the android compatible version, and the indiegogo page says "mini USB" as well, I have spoken with Echo Connect and they have assured me that the device is in fact micro USB and not mini.

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