The Doctor Who Says Google Glass Can Cause Eye Problems, Changes Stance and Says There is No Health Risk

thin glass

Google Glass has been a great advance in technology and is starting to take off.  Users love the way it makes their lives easier, by bringing simple functions like, taking a picture or getting directions to somewhere. However, with all of this great functionality, comes the concern about how Google Glass can effect your health. Keep in mind Google Glass puts a display not too far from your eye. If you have ever sat a few inches in front of a computer display for a long period of time and gotten a eye strain or a headache from it, you will understand why the concern. 

Ophthalmologist Eli Peli, who has been hired by Google to be the official consultant for the Google Glass project, has voiced his concern earlier this year. The reason for his concern is, when Google Glass is being used, users have to look up at the display, which is very uncomfortable for a lot of people.  Most of us usually look down or straight, which is what Peli told BetaBeat in an interview previously.  Peli stated that users might get eye strains instead of headaches, because Google Glass isn’t intended to be used for a long period of time, which you know most users are going to use it as long as possible.  

If you look at Eli Peli’s Google + page, he has changed his view on how Google Glass effects our health, due to more studies that he has done. He states that most Google Glass users have not reported any discomfort after wearing Google Glass. If users have felt strains in the eye, they usually go away after a day or so. Now Peli isn’t the only medical professional giving their feeling on Google Glass, as Sina Fateh, another Ophthalmologist, states that Google Glass can put unnecessary stress on users eyes. Keep in mind Google Glass is still a new device, being introduced only a year ago at Google I/O 2012. Though it is available to the public, some consider it to still be in beta.  I am sure we will see more medical professionals give their opinions on how Google Glass can effect ones eyes.