Cymera Updates To 2.0 With New Social Editing Features

May 7, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Photos can be one of the best parts about a smartphone. The ability to take pictures on a whim and capture tons of great moments of and with the ones you love. It can be fun to edit those photos too, but like most things(except for bacon), pictures can be best when shared with others. Cymera is an camera application for selfies and photo editing, that allows you to snap a photo(or selfie) and then edit with all kinds of different features. The great thing about Cymera is that it now has a brand new feature that allows you to privately share photos with select groups of people like certain friends or family, and you can all collaborate and edit the photo together in a unique photo playground.

Enter Cymera 2.0. The update that brings a first-of-its-kind social photo editing aspect to your pictures, ranging from things like beautifying your images, apply enhanced lighting effects, slim the face down or create those huge bug/alien looking eyes that can make the photos look funny and if were being honest, sometimes a little creepy. That’s part of the fun though, and sharing these kinds of photos with friends and being able to edit them together definitely brings a cool element to the app. You can even add in speech bubbles and turn your images into a tiny comic book that you and the group of people you’ve shared the photo with can look back on and laugh at.(Sense of Humor required) Cymera is terming these images “Groupies”, which is a lot better than Groufie and once you’re done retouching your photos they can be shared by uploading them to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Cymera 2.0 has tons of features for photo editing, including  around 100 different light filters, over 800 decorations that can be applied, custom collage layouts for a photo story effect, and it has multiple shooting modes like touch-shot, Anti-Shake, Self-portrait, Timer, and Focus. With Cymera you’ll have the choice of selecting one of 7 different DSLR inspired camera lenses before you get started, and at any point you’ll of course have the standard photo editing features like tweaking the saturation and contrast, or crop and rotate the photos if needed. Cymera is a free camera app that can be downloaded from the Play Store as of now.