CyanogenMod Nightlies Now Available for the HTC One (M8)

CyanogenMod Logo AH 1

Last night, CyanogenMod announced on their Google+ page that official nightlies have started for the HTC One (M8). So those looking for some CyanogenMod goodness on their brand new HTC One (M8) can start flashing away. We’ve already gone over how to root the HTC One as well as how to flash a custom recovery onto the device. You may want to check out our how to flash a ROM as well. You’ll be getting all of the CyanogenMod 11 features that you know and love, although, it’s likely that the camera won’t work as well, and a few other things might be broken as well. But that’s the joy of nightlies. For those of you interested in flashing CyanogenMod 11 onto your device, check out the downloads page on their website, but be sure you get the correct build.

CyanogenMod explains how the builds are listed on their site:

Starting tonight, the 2014 HTC One has been added to our roster of devices receiving nightlies. This device will carry the codename ‘m8’ and be applicable for the following:

# GSM model
# Verizon model
# Sprint model

For those unaware of their specific model, this corresponds to the following model IDs:

# 0P6B10000 – International
# 0P6B12000 – AT&T/Dev Edition
# 0P6B13000 – T-Mobile
# 0P6B16000 – Telus/Rogers (Canada)
# 0P6B20000 – Verizon
# 0P6B70000 – Sprint

You can check your model ID with the command ‘adb shell getprop ro.boot.mid’

And for those that are interested, there are a few maintainers for the HTC One (M8) which include deck, invisiblek, h8rift, toastcfh, flinny and xInterlopeRx. It’s great to see CyanogenMod 11 available for the HTC One (M8), I know there’s a lot of people that love CyanogenMod, and will only flash that ROM onto their devices. How many of you have already flashed CyanogenMod 11 onto your HTC One (M8).