Case of the Day: Super Nintendo Controller Case for the LG G2

May 28, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

A few weeks ago, we came across a case for the Google Nexus 5 that looked like the old Gameboy from Nintendo. Now we’ve got an old Super Nintendo Controller case for the LG G2. Obviously the back is painted on  and not real buttons, but it is cool how the volume rocker on the back fits in with the controller design. This Cover was designed and produced to fit your LG G2 cell phone’s every curve. Not a single button or port will be blocked by the cover, so you can have easy access to the volume rocker, the charging port, and none of the screen will be hidden. The best part about sporting this case is you receive the best of both worlds; a sturdy case that will guard your LG G2 phone but is thin and fashionable at the same time! It’s only compatible with the LG G2, so if you’re trying to buy this for the G3 or another device, it’s not going to work.

LG G2 SFC Old Video Game Controller Phone Case Cover