Carphone Warehouse to Open UK Pre-Orders for the G3 June 3rd; Available July 1st


LG's G3 is finally official and, just as we expect, it's one of the most powerful and fully featured smartphones out there. At least on paper that is. The G3 is one of the first Android smartphones to land in the West with a greater than Full HD display, thanks to the 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 panel covering 76% of the device's front. It's a great device on paper, but when can you get your hands on it to see just how good it really is. For our readers across the pond in the UK, it seems that July is to be the month the G3 that goes on general sale.

Of course, if you've been with the same phone for the last couple of years and you're looking for a change, then you'll be able to pre-order the device from Carphone Warehouse starting next month, June 3rd. Right now, you can register your interest over on Carphone Warehouse's website and you'll be sent an email when the pre-orders are up, which should be June 3rd. All the major networks in the UK will be carrying the G3 of course, but buying from Carphone Warehouse is always a good way to go, as you can effectively choose whatever network you'd like. The UK retailer is saying the G3 is expected July, but this could change, although we'd doubt it'd change much if it does.


So, why is the G3 worth your time and money? Well, we covered the launch of the device earlier this week and even quickly compared it to other high-end Android devices. That 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display is obviously the headlining feature, but there's also a 32GB version with 3GB of RAM that might catch your eye and LG have given the G2's design a metallic coat of paint, giving it a premium feel, although it's not built out of the metal stuff like the HTC One (M8) is. Let us know if you're thinking of getting the G3 in the comments down below.

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