AT&T Padfone X Finally to be Available on June 6th

May 28, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Back at CES in January, ASUS and AT&T announced that the new Padfone X would be heading to the nations second largest carrier soon. As usual with device unveilings there were no mention of a release date at all. And we’ve all been left wondering when it’ll be available. Well nearly 6 months later we now know it’ll be available on June 6th from AT&T. The Padfone X is a tablet and a smartphone. Basically the smartphone slides into the back of the tablet and it’s used for your data connection. So instead of paying for data for two devices, you only have to pay for one. It’s pretty cool actually. And ASUS has made the Padfone pretty popular elsewhere in the world.

AT&T will be offering the Padfone X with a new 2-year contract or using AT&T Next. The two-year pricing is $199.99 and the Next pricing will obviously vary depending on which option you choose, whether that be Next 12 or Next 18. Next 12 will mean payments of $29.80 and Next 18 will mean payments of $22.92. Both options have zero down payments, so you can walk out of the AT&T store on June 6th without paying a dime.

As far as specs go, we’re looking at a 5-inch smartphone and a 9-inch tablet. Both have FHD displays, that’s 1920×1080. It obviously has LTE connectivity and also has a 13MP camera inside. Which should be adequate for most things. So finally, the Padfone X will be available next week. We’ll be getting our hands on one soon so we can do a review of the device. As I know plenty of you are looking forward to the Padfone X, especially hitting other carriers in the US in the next year or so. The Padfone is probably ASUS’ second most popular brand of devices, behind the Transformer Pads.