AT&T 4G LTE Lights Up In Nine New Markets Today

May 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

AT&T prides itself on being the nations “most reliable 4G LTE service”, and as such you’ll likely see the motto just about anywhere and everywhere that has anything to do with an AT&T ad or commercial. They’re the nations second largest wireless carrier of the major four here in the U.S. and have made some steady strides to expand on their 4G LTE service, getting ever closer to making it available where ever they have service coverage. Getting 4G LTE into nook and cranny of the country where they already have 3G is going to be quite a task and will take some time, but as of today they have lit up 4G LTE in 9 new markets that weren’t previously available.

If you’re an AT&T subscriber living in either of these following locations, than you needn’t do anything at all if you already have a 4G enabled device and sim card, short of maybe reboot your device but even that shouldn’t be required. Starting today, AT&T now has 4G LTE coverage in Aplena, MI; Worthington, MN; Klamath Falls, OR; La Grande, OR; Roseburg, OR; (can I get a shout out from my fellow Oregon peeps?)Altoona, PA; Alice, TX; Bay City, TX; and last but not least, El Campo, TX. Texas and Oregon were the large focal points with this rollout it seems, which I’m sure users in any of those six cities will be happy about.

AT&T happily states that local customers in those areas can now, “stream, download, upload, and game” faster than they ever could before. So no matter what users habits are with their smartphones, they’ll now be able to enjoy YouTube videos in full HD without buffering, play online games without disconnecting, and share their favorite picture or video moments with everyone they know on the web, all at blazing speeds. It goes without saying that users will need a 4G device for this to all be capable of course, but we’d guess most people already knew that. AT&T will be continuing to roll out their fastest network ever, but they currently already cover 280 million plus people nationwide.