AOSP Changelog Suggests HTC Behind 'Flounder' Device

Earlier we told you about a device in the works codenamed 'Flounder' from Google. Google loves to use themed code names, and fish seem to be the common theme for Google Nexus device code names. This information popped up on Chromium, but left much to be desired. Mainly what the device specs will be, and what OEM will be behind this device. After piecing together the info from Chromium and the Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2) change list, the guys at XDA have figured out HTC will be the OEM behind 'Flounder'.

When we last heard about the device codenamed 'Flounder', we only knew it existed. Based off history of Nexus devices (both tablets and smartphones, more on that later) they have all had fish names as code names. Some examples of past Nexus device code names are Hammerhead, Tilapia, Manta etc. Given that history, it was obvious 'Flounder' could be a Nexus device. Chromium issue tracker is where the name popped up, and only the name no further information was available. Until recently, a new piece to the puzzle has been set in place thanks to the guys at XDA.

Android Open Source Project, or AOSP has posted the change logfor Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2). In that change log, there are many lines to go through, but the name 'Flounder' appears in on set of lines-lines 239-245 to be exact. In those lines you find the following: "project device/htc/flounder/" However, this is just another piece to the puzzle. It suggests that HTC is the OEM behind project 'Flounder', but what is the device going to be?

Earlier we mentioned the history of Nexus devices and the fishy code names. They have always referred to both Nexus tablets and smartphones, which one will 'Flounder' be? Recent rumors have suggested that Google has asked HTC to build a Nexus 8 tablet. Though with little information known, it is still a possibility that 'Flounder' can be a smart phone. The change log on AOSP has also uncovered yet another code name.

Looking through the change log on AOSP (specifically lines 214-237) there is mention of another project codeenamed 'Google Molly'. Which means in the search for answers to project 'Flounder' more questions have been raised than answered. What is Google/HTC's 'Flounder', a smart phone or a tablet? What is 'Google Molly'? When will we find out more info? Will these projects be announced at Google I/O 2014?

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