Android Phone Comparisons: LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5




Here is the comparison that we have all been waiting for – the newest flagship from LG versus the newest flagship from Samsung…the battle of the South Korean giants. It is like the 'Thrilla from Manila" when  Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought in 1975 for the Heavyweight Championship (Okay, I am old). Both, the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, are both great devices and you could not go wrong buying either one, but mediocrity is for wimps and we demand a knockout winner! Both devices are well-built and share many 'body parts,' such as the same processor, the same 2GB of RAM (on the 16GB LG G3 model), offer the same amount of storage, the same availability for microSD card expansion, and even the batteries and physical size are nearly the same, as is the pricing…makes you wonder why LG even bothered to build the G3…just kidding!


Please look over the specifications below so you can see just how close these devices are, and then we will look at each individual device and see where they differ and what exactly they bring to the table. Then, and only then, will we make a decision on which one of these high-end flagships will win the comparison – and I promise there will be no tie in this slugfest.


LG G3 vs Galaxy S5




AH LG G3 1.3The new and sexy LG G3 was finally announced and I know that Alex just cannot wait to get one of these bad boys in his hands for a complete review. We have already gone over the many specifications that the G3 shares with the S5, so let's take a look at what makes the LG G3 different from its competition. Working our way from the outside in – the first thing we notice is that the LG G3 is one sexy looking device with its minimalistic styling, small bezels, smooth curves, and 'metallic' like backing – which is still made of plastic, but coated to look like metal – it beckons to be cradled in your hand. Next you have to notice the 5.5-inch QHD display sporting an amazing 2560 x 1440 resolution with 538 pixels-per-inch (ppi) – and Samsung lovers (and others) can squawk all they want that it is overkill, but you can be damn sure that the next Samsung device will have it as well. Now let's look at the camera area – normally I would anoint this as a level playing field, except that LG took a couple extra steps with the G3. First, they added a dual-LED flash, and I know that they are not the first company to incorporate that feature, but LG put it in the G3 and Samsung chose not to use it on the S5. It is not a huge deal, but definitely helps with the tone of a flash picture. LG also stepped up their game with the inclusion of Laser Auto Focus and OIS+ – what a great idea for faster and more precise focusing, because generally the action is fast and furious when you are taking pictures with your smartphone. LG also upped the quality of the sound – still one speaker, but better quality and wattage. All devices come with bloatware – some more than others – and LG has kept that to a minimum and their user interface is a gentler and kinder overlay than the heavily clad TouchWiz.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 6The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been out long enough that it has undergone careful scrutiny and review, and even ridicule for the 'Band-Aid' like appearance of its back cover. The reviews have been very favorable as far as the functionality of the device – raves about its Full HD display and the overall quality and feel. Basically, the criticism comes down to the overall look of the device and the Samsung TouchWiz and bloatware on the Galaxy S5. Samsung did add a fingerprint scanner, and while that is not an advantage to some people, I am surprised to see the LG did not include one in their G3 since both Samsung and HTC decided to go with the scanner. The Galaxy S5 also has a Heart Rate Monitor onboard that works in conjunction with their S-Health App and is a 'plus' if you are into fitness and training. Another nice feature that Samsung has included since the Galaxy Note 3 made its arrival last Fall is the use of a microUSB v3.0 – it really does make recharging and data transfer much faster and I would like to see ALL manufacturers finally upgrade. The addition of the water and dust resistance is also a great idea and one that LG decided against in their LG G3 design – according to LG for cost purposes. The question is, are these 'nice' additions enough to declare the S5 the winner over the LG G3?



…and the Winner is…

LG G3 2.0 Sprint Summary

Surprised? I am a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lover, and I really was hoping that Samsung might be able to pull this one out, but I had to go with the LG G3 in this matchup – not by a knockout, but by a decision. Remember it is all about the specs…and a little bit of style…and LG has it in both areas – not by much, but a little bit is still a win in my book. First the looks has to go to the LG G3 – build quality on both devices are great, but the G3 is so damn sexy…something you would never say about a Samsung designed device. Next we go to the display and the G3 wins again…don't get me wrong, the Galaxy S5's screen is gorgeous – the best they have ever done – but even the S5 Prime will come with this new QHD display. This may bring up the question if we really need a display with this much resolution – heck no – but my next device will definitely have QHD. When it comes to the camera comparison, we have to give it to the G3. I know that the Galaxy S5 is 16MP versus the LG G3's 13MP, however, a 3MP difference means nothing – LG does a great job with their cameras, and it has a Dual-LED flash, OIS+ and it has an amazing Laser Auto Focus. It is true that the processor, RAM (except for the 32GB LG G3 model), storage and microSD card slots are the same on both devices, as are the battery size and even physical size are both about equal…but it is the looks, the display, the detail to the camera, and the lack of Samsung's bloatware, that help make the LG G3 the winner of this comparison.

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know which is your favorite or which one you intend on buying…as always, we would love to hear what you have to say – PLEASE keep it civil – BOTH are great devices made by great companies and there is no reason to comment on each other's Mother. Let us keep the discussion to the pros and cons of the devices…Thank You!