Android Phone Comparisons: HTC One Mini 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini



This is a great comparison – the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and the HTC One mini 2 – yes, we know that the Galaxy S4 mini has been out since November and the HTC One mini 2 may not be out until June or July. It generally takes Samsung and HTC months after the release of the original device before we see the mini version, so it will be a while before we see a Galaxy S5 mini, which is why we felt this makes for a good comparison.  These devices do not have much in common except the 'mini' in their names.  Display size is almost the same, however, they are not on equal footing. They both have a Snapdragon 400, but the One mini 2 has the quad-core version and the S4 mini has the dual-core model – this mid-range processor should be fine for handling all smartphone duties, but heavy gaming would be stretching it a bit. They both have a microSD slot for add internal storage – up to 128GB on the One mini 2 and up to 64GB on the S4 mini. Both devices are comfortable in your hand and both models are not exact 'minis' of their bigger siblings, other than in looks. It is a pet peeve of mine – give us a REAL mini, with a smaller display with the same resolution, and the same specs…the manufacturers have no problem charging almost as much for a mid-range product as they do for their flagships.

Please look over the specifications below and then we will take a look at each individual device and point out the differences and select one of these minis as the winner




Galaxy S4 mini



HTC One mini 2

AH HTC One Mini M8 Press 2.1The HTC One mini 2 is a beautiful aluminum device, curved back, and easy to hold.  It has a slightly larger 4.5-inch display versus the 4.3-inch on the S4 mini – but more than that, it also has an HD display with 1280×720 resolution with 326 ppi, besting the S4 mini's 960×540 resolution with only 256 ppi.  They both use the Snapdragon 400 processor, however, the One mini 2 uses the quad-core variety clocked at 1.2GHz and the S4 mini uses the dual-core model clocked at 1.7GHz.  The One mini 2 has 1GB or RAM, less than the 1.5GB used in the S4 mini.  The One mini 2 starts off with 16GB of internal storage and has room for an additional 128GB via a microSD slot, both better stats than the S4 mini.  The camera area is also better on the One mini 2 at 13MP for the main camera and 5MP for the front facing camera – both should give great photos, video chatting, and selfies.  The One mini 2 also has dual stereo speakers with very good sound for a smartphone.  For a 'mini' it has a respectable 2110mAh battery and is running on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. Its worst enemies are its $715 price tag and availability in the U.S., although Verizon is rumored to be getting a version.


Samsung Galaxy S4 mini



The Galaxy S4 mini hit the U.S. carriers this past November and now a new model for AT&T with VoLTE or HD Voice is coming out in June…strange, but true. The rest of the specs will be the same at the original S4 mini, and while we are all waiting for VoLTE, on May 23 AT&T announced it in only TWO cities and, of course, both users must have the device in order for it to work…like I said, strange, but true. The S4 mini has a slightly smaller screen size than the One mini 2 and is only 540p. Its Snapdragon 400 processor is only dual core, but it does sport more RAM at 1.5GB versus the 1GB of the mini 2. The camera is adequate for social media posting at 8MP, and the 1.9MP front-facing camera is just okay for video chatting and an occasional selfie, but certainly no match for the 5MP ffc in the One mini 2. The device itself is a little smaller and lighter to hold and has a 1900mAh battery which should get you through the day with normal usage. The price has come down to only $50 on a two-year contract or close to $400 off-contract.


…and the Winner is…

AH HTC One Mini M8 Press 2.2



Yes, even with its high price, based on specifications, the HTC One mini 2 certainly out does the Galaxy S4 mini in just about every area – and it really should since the One mini 2 is a new model.  The Galaxy S4 mini was much better than the original HTC One mini, and the Galaxy S5 mini will mostly out do the One mini 2 – they always seem behind each other for a while. Putting the looks aside, the One mini 2 has a better display, a faster processor, more internal memory and the capability to increase it more than the S4 mini. It has two better cameras, a larger battery, dual stereo front mounted speakers and comes running the most up-to-date Android 4.4 KitKat out-of-the-box. Yes, it is more expensive, but it is allowed to be with the better specs – still not what they should be in a new device with a premium price, but the entire package is just a winner in this comparison.

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