Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Report – May 2nd Edition


LG Brings Knock Code to the G2 in Small Update

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When LG launched the G Pro 2, they added a new feature to their software called "Knock Code" allowing people to essentially give their phones a secret knock to unlock them, rather than just using a PIN or pattern. Now, LG is updating G2 devices with the feature. Build D803x20f is the one you're looking for, bit right now it looks like just Canadian carriers have gotten the update, so those of us in the US will have to be a little patient.


Samsung's Galaxy S III Gets KitKat on Sprint



Sprint has once again managed to become one of the first carriers to roll out a KitKat update. This time around, it's Samsung's now two-year old Galaxy S III getting updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. This is a pretty big deal for Galaxy S III owners out there that might have picked up the device in some sort of sale not too long ago or those that simple don't want to upgrade to a newer device. Sprint have said that the software update has been rolling out since May 1st and that the build number you're looking for is L710VPUCND8 and you can read more about the update here.


Google Glass Gets Back Ups and Smarter Call Handling



Glass has been updated to fix a few bugs and add a slicker way to back things up on your Glass. Now, photos and videos can be backed up over cellular networks as well, and you don't need to be plugged into a power source now, either. More than that however, Glass is now smarter when handling phone calls by now recognizing whether or not you're actually wearing them. This will be a big boon for those that have ever had a phone call ring their Glass rather than their phone, so this is a nice little update for sure.


Verizon's Galaxy S III Will Soon be Able to Roam on TELUS

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While there's no date set for this small update, the Galaxy S III on Verizon is about to be able to roam on TELUS in Canada. That's right, Verizon is more worried about roaming in Canada than their KitKat update.

KitKat Certified for Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z




Android 4.4.2 KitKat has been certified with the original Xperia Z lineup and given a software number of 10.5.A.0.227. Sony have yet to roll the update out, but it's set for release during May.

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