Android Headliner: Is The Public Ready For Google Glass?

Think for just a second, about all the great things when it comes to Google Glass and what people are doing with it. Think about Google Glass without the negative press. Is the public ready for Google Glass? Even with the negative press is the public ready for such a device? Google doesn't quite seem to think so which is why they're continuing to perfect it. The head-worn tech may still have a long ways to go, but plenty of the public seem to be open to the idea of this hitting the market already. Sure there are people with negative stances on the device, but I think even those people can look past that and the things they don't care for with Google Glass as long as people wearing it don't attempt to misuse it in a way. Google's little code of ethics with Glass plays into this in a big way, seeking to teach explorers simple things to follow that can make everyone more comfortable with Glass being out in public. Simple things like politely removing them if asked to do so while in an establishment, or answering any questions people might have about it if they ask.

What ever it is you feel or think about Google Glass, and there's no doubt that some people have concerns about it, Google Glass isn't a negative thing. It's a bold statement to think that Glass is just opening up the floodgates for Google to have more access to our most private parts of our lives, but look at all the good that's being done with it. All the exciting things, all the fun things. Most of the concerns people have can all be tracked back to those people having some sort of issue that revolves around piracy, but putting all the sci-fi big brother conspiracy theories aside, mostly those people just seem to take issue with someone having the ability to take their picture without them knowing. On a majority level though I think people accept Google Glass and are genuinely curious about it and eager to learn more about it. It doesn't happen often, but when I'm around a close personal friend who is a Glass Explorer the occasional odd glance or stare is far outweighed by legitimate enthusiasm and people asking questions. People are interested in it. They want to try it on. They want to know what all it can do, and they get filled with excitement when we explain to them the type of capabilities that it has. For many, especially now that the Explorer Program has been opened to anyone now, it'll most likely come down to cost for what is holding some people back in becoming an Explorer themselves, and not for the scornful disdain they feel towards the product.

Thinking about Google Glass on a commercial level, it seems to be thriving. We hear about more and more businesses that are looking for ways to incorporate Google Glass into their daily routines and how they operate. Doctors in hospitals, Airlines, Sports teams, and even schools now are already starting their processes to include Glass into medical procedures, curricula, flights and sporting events. The general public aren't the only ones that are interested in how Google Glass works and they're certainly not the only ones looking at how they can enhance their lives with it. Google has been discovering new ways to bring Glass to the hands of more and more people and now that they have done so by making it open to anyone, we'll only be seeing more and more people using them and be hearing more about other businesses that are finding ways to work them into daily operations and tasks. Google Glass can be many things. It can be a tool for business, or it can be a communication outlet. It can be your camera and camcorder, but it can be much more than just a pair of glasses that takes pictures. It can be a window for the world to see and experience the things that you see from a first person perspective. It can be a unique, fun, and cool way to share awesome moments that others might not have been able to experience beforehand.

Google Glass can enhance our lives in many ways, and as time goes on it will be interesting to see how people end up using it to do so. Whether it's a doctor who can be more hands free while instantly getting access to medical files, or a chef who's teaching others how to prepare a certain dish. Think about if you were taking your first trip to somewhere with plenty of history. How cool would it be if you were wearing a pair of Google Glass while visiting some of the oldest landmarks in China for example, and had a YouTube video playing of someone that had already been there, acting as sort of a guide to everything that you're seeing as you see it. Google Glass can have lots of uses, and I think it's come quite a long way from the first days of the Explorer program, and we're only going to see more of it. Perhaps not right this second, but soon, the public will be ready for Google Glass and then we'll really start to see some amazing things that can be done with it.

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