Android Gaming Weekly 05/25/14: Anomaly Defenders, Nun Attack Origins, Trials Frontier, OTTTD

Anomaly Defenders From 11Bit Studios Due For Launch This Thursday

The newest title to come from 11Bit Studios will be their upcoming title in the Anomaly franchise called Anomaly Defenders, and it's due to launch this week on Thursday, May 29th. The Anomaly games have always been about Tower Offense as opposed to Tower Defense, but in Anomaly Defenders we finally get 11Bit Studios take on the Tower Defense aspect. Anomaly Defenders will have the gamer play as the aliens on their homeworld defending against the invasion of the humans in retaliation for the invasion on earth. Although the release is slated for this week, there was no word on whether or not the release would be hitting all platforms right away. The announcement from 11Bit merely says that the invasion begins May 29th, and mentions Steam and Games Republic which suggests that those two platforms will be the focus for the launch. That doesn't mean Android won't be included, but for now we'll just have to wait and see.


Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent Quest Creeps Onto Google Play

The next game in the Nun Attack series is here which recently release earlier this week. The previous Nun Attack games are a little different looking than this particular title but have still been pretty fun. This game focuses more on the story line of Yuki and saving the orphan children from their captors. Nun Attack Origins plays out more like a platformer title where the previous games were kind of strategy/RPG like.(note: not like your standard JRPG style of course)There are over 90 levels to master and you'll have to perfect Yuki's secret art of "Nun-jutsu" to complete them all. Don't forget about the orphans. There are 216 to collect, ermm.. save. If you're looking to pick this game up it'll set you back $1.99.


Trials Frontier Races Onto Google Play

If you've been a fan of the physics based racer titles in the Trials franchise than this game is certainly for you. This is simply a little recap for those who might have missed that the game was released for all onto Google Play this week. This free physics racer from Ubisoft made an appearance as our Game of The Week on Friday and if you haven't checked it out yet don't waste any more time and download the game. IAP are there but are by no means required. Over 50+ hours of gameplay and tons of levels, bikes, and upgrades to be had. All for the price of nothing. Have at it.


Over The Top Tower Defence Hits The Play Store

Speaking of Tower Defense games, OTTTD(Over The Top Tower Defence) is a wonderful display of how great Tower Defense games can be. The 3D graphical style of the game is cheeky yet polished, and the fun times to be had are immense. This is your typical yet untypical tower defense game, with building up defenses to fend off incoming waves of enemies, upgrading towers to stay alive, and epic boss fights. Wait.. epic boss fights? YES. EPIC BOSS FIGHTS! Every game can be better with the inclusion of huge bosses to give you a hard time. OTTTD is a nice little mesh of Tower Defense and RTS style play, so if you enjoy the tactical gameplay of either of those two genres, give this a try. You'll need to let go of a few bucks to do so as the game costs $2.99.

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