Android Gaming Weekly 05/18/14: Final Fantasy Agito, Titanfall, Maleficent, XenoQuest


Final Fantasy Agito Enters The Play Store In JapanAH-Final Fantasy Agito

Long time Final Fantasy fans have probably wondered when and if Square Enix would ever bring Final Fantasy Agito to Android and when they would be able to play it. The answer is now, if you live in Japan. Truth be told you can get around the location specific download if you have a device that can allow downloads of apps from different regions, that only gets you so far though if you can't read Japanese, and if you can't read Japanese you won't understand the story or know what's happening, which defeats the purpose of a Final Fantasy title altogether. If none of those downfalls prevent you from downloading the game however you should be in for a treat. Final Fantasy Agito has some nice new graphics and is a full scale RPG with what looks like a compelling title and battle system from the video. Sadly, I couldn't understand any of it. The game is free so Square Enix has obviously taken on a free to play model with this game, which makes us wonder if they'll incorporate the same thing if they ever release this game in the US.

EA Puts Out Titanfall Companion App For AndroidAH-Titanfall

In a weird move EA has finally put out a Titanfall companion app for Android users, but.. the app only supports players who own the game on Xbox One. If you play Titanfall on the PC or Xbox 360, you're sorely out of luck on this one. For you the Xbox One owners though, the app provides you with updates and notifications on Titanfall information, history and intel on the Titanfall universe to add extra richness and some story like elements to the game, and of course you can track your stats anytime and anywhere. Perhaps the coolest part of the app though is the second screen functions allowing you to see a real-time mini map of the game you're currently playing, which can allow you to track your teammates and you can access map information that can't be accessed outside of the companion app, giving you extra data on matches to help give you an edge in the game. The Titanfall companion app is free but with limited usability to Xbox One owners, we feel like the app loses some of its potential.

Maleficent Freefall Is Disney's New Sleeping Beauty Themed Match Three PuzzlerAH-Maleficent

Do you like match three games? Do you like Disney's sleeping beauty and are you looking forward to seeing the classic Disney tale reimagined on the big screen with Angelina Jolie in Disney's Maleficent? Than you might want to check out Maleficent Freefall. You'll start off the game as Maleficent in her young girl form, and as you play you gain special abilities and attributes and watch as she grows into the evil twisted villain we know from the original story. You can do cool things like call on the raven to swoop down and rearrange the gemstones, or clear same color gems from the board using evil magic. It's a new take on Match three, with a Disney twist, and it's free.


XenoQuest Is An Upcoming MMO With Turn Based Battle Elements Launching This SummerAH-XenoQuest

If you're tired of the same old same old quest, dungeon and grind system of MMO's like Order and Chaos,(don't get me wrong it's a great mobile game and a fantastic adaption of an MMO genre to the platform)XenoQuest which is due to release sometime this summer is worth looking into. The battle and combat systems have been toned down for a simpler play style, offering up a unique way to engage. It'll boast PvE and PvP combat as well as item and weapon crafting, and for now will offer three classes to play upon launch which are the mage, hunter, and the knight. You can check out the video below for a few more details and some live action gameplay.

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